Galentine’s day πŸ€— (February 13th)

Where are my ladiesπŸ’ƒ …..Galentine’s day is one of my favorite because it supports true friendship.

Galentine isn’t a holiday invented by some sad girls who don’t have Valentine’s as people would think, It is a day specially picked out by ladies for ladies to celebrate other ladies so dear to them………..😚

Galentine is a special occasion to get your best friends together to have fun and celebrate the good and awkward times you guys had got each others back,those who stood by you during breakups, cramps ,decision times, those who laughed and celebrated with you during the good times and cried with you when things went sour ………πŸ˜†

Galentine isn’t fake as most people have turned Valentine into, galentine celebrates real friends like our girl friends, BFF’s, and even friends we just meet but seems like you guys have been friends like forever…….πŸ€—

Galentine’s day is about celebrating and showing appreciation for a wonderful years of friendship and bounding……..😳

The singletons ,you don’t have to be sad or hate Valentine’s Day by sulking and staying glued to your beds all day because you not in a relationship or because you not married or engaged you could still have fun and feel the feeling of love in the air. Hangout with loved ones, give gifts to friends and also it’s an opportunity as said earlier to show appreciation for a good friendship so far………😁


Here’s how you could celebrate Galentine’s day.

*Galentine’s brunch…. Having a nice brunch either indoors or eating out in one of those fancy restaurants around is a very cool idea. You and your best friends eating and chatting ,recalling those beautiful moments you guys spent either in school, at work, or the first day you guys meet each other.🍻🍽🍰🍒🍝🍑

*Movies night(girls night) …….I love watching movies..movies at home over some pop corns at the comfort of a sofa or a bed, having a good time with friends is all that matters. So either in doors or at a gallery which ever you choose make it worthwhile….πŸŸπŸΏπŸ“Ί

*Take a class… ….This could be, hanging out to practicalise on some recipe (baking, cooking, or a wine tasting class) or book reading. You girls could learn a lot from each other at the same time have fun….🍷🍰🍨🍧πŸ₯—

*Gifts giving…. Wrapping gifts like special candies, charm bracelets, fancy cards, special wines, mugs,polos with beautiful memes, earrings, specially made keyholders, smoothie recipes (my favorites) or special recipes could be shared among friends to celebrate love…..πŸ’ŒπŸ‘›πŸ‘“πŸŽπŸŽ€

So ladies, who are in the “singles community “,including those with boy friends and husbands you guys have the right to hangout with your girl friends and besties and have a nice time out without worrying about anything.

@valentine’s day β€πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’•

Am single AF and loving valentine .yea who says Valentine’s Day is only for “lovers “ gonna be either at work or on my bed with a nice movie or visiting a few friends to box them, or visiting the less privileged on the streets who would say “God bless you “ for a loaf of bread or a plate of food. Love is about showing kindness, care, giving security ,making out time for those we love and living with love in our neighborhood .

So for those in the single community and also those who have Valentine’s Day already planned, I wish to tell you that there are lots of things one can achieve to make Valentine’s Day a memorable one for somebody out there. So let’s start getting prepared for either Galentines day or Valentine’s Day.


Love u guys



“Never give up “

haengboghan il-yoil(happy Sunday) 

Hello guys I have something for you all……… “Never give up” This is a stern warning.yea a really really stern one(its forbidden) . I remember those days in my first year in school, Gst courses were first introduced to us and then you get to see scary courses like accounting, statistics, French, macro and micro economics and I would wonder what the hell have French and statistics got to do with industrial relations and personnel management(HRM) ..πŸ€” lol it was funny then because macro economics really gave me a tough time .But after taking it for the first year, second year, I nearly gave up and almost opted for another way out(if you know what I mean) πŸ˜‚. But I just said to my self “why give up at this stage ?” why not just try harder, put more efforts better than the last time. So I went into deep further studies and at the end I was grateful I didn’t give up because that little more effort brought about a change a positive one at that.

This simply implies that you might have started a project or engaged in some activities which should yield a positive result at the end and at midway, it already seems like you failing ..its better you fail and know you failed than walk a path and just turn around without knowing for sure if that path leads to the right way or if it doesn’t. The only way to know for sure is to keep going no matter the obstacle you might come across, who knows ,your next step might just be it, your success story might be just a stretch away and your lazy mind and body would be saying ” am done with this am tired…i cant go further… This isn’t yielding something positive ” my dear do not listen it’s only going to take you to square one leaving u blank and hopeless.

There’s one thing I believe in …i rather fail trying because it helps to make a better decision.. Knowing that okay plan A didn’t work okay let me try plan B .This makes you adjust on your strategic plan and make either little or a total adjustment to plan A so you can succed on your next pursuit(plan B) .just imagine for instance you trying to get admission into school and you might have taken jamb for like 6years and nothing like nothing at all… Then you like nahh am tired am giving up 6times 😌 ?what was I thinking let me just forget about this but who knows maybe your admission is just a year away from you. If you could just have patience and writing again then boom your admitted 🀷.the one year or even two year of another trial won’t kill you. Thats why I in particular don’t believe in giving up I believe in getting what I want and finishing what I have started.

So my candid advice to you all is to take that bold step and do not allow people, procrastination, laziness, doubt etc cloud your mind and thinking negatively towards achieving your set goals. A baby who is learning how to work do so by walking and falling then knowing how well to place his or her legs so the same fall won’t be repeated over and over again.

DETERMINATION is a driving force that we all should focus on. When one is determined,he or she won’t look back no matter the hiccups.


Barbby 😘


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